-- Maine: The Way Life Should Be! --
Living and working in Maine is an opportunity unmatched in almost any place else! The sale of a business is a complex process that requires confidentiality, as well as careful screening of prospective buyers. Located in Portland, Maine, Certified Business Brokers of Maine is ready to guide business owners and prospective buyers through the complexity of the business transaction.

Business Sellers:
Certified Business Brokers of Maine will prepare a Business Value Opinion for your business, properly prepare your company for the market, develop a marketing plan specifically to your business and professionally guide you through the selling process. Our goal is to structure a financial transaction that will meet your objectives.

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Business Buyers:
Certified Business Brokers of Maine will work with you to present our client companies that will fit your financial requirements. If needed, we can assist you in arranging for acquisition financing. Now is the time to pursue your entrepreneur dream!  It’s never too late to start your future.

If you are looking for a business for sale in Maine or northern New England, please review our Businesses for Sale.

Business Value Opinions:
A Business Value Opinion is a limited scope report designed to value a business based on the company’s performance and comparable private business sales transactions. Although it is based on the financials of the business in combination with market conditions, it considers primarily the historical, current and projected performance of the business. The cost for a Business Opinion Value ranges between $2,500 and $10,000.  It is intended for owners seeking a general range of value.